Interconsorcio’s Aquacultural Division helps its clients reduce and replace chemical and antibiotic control with a much more efficient and clean control based on the use of inmunoestimulants and probiotics. Interconsorcio was founded with the purpose of increasing the profitability and efficiency of shrimp and tilapia farms. To reach this goal, Interconsorcio specializes in fabricating products that contain high technological instruments that will aid the client in the following parameters:

  • Management of sanitary considerations with the appropriate treatment of soil and water.
  • Appropriate management of the animals’ health with the use of products that replace the usage of antibiotics.
  • Accelerated growth resorting to the use of natural growth promoters which are of common use in the yeast production industry.

Cinco Elementos

A good Management Plan demands the attention of FIVE PRINCIPAL AXES: An exhaustive selection of the seed, a technical and operational, efficient and modern management, which needs to be compatible with the treatment of the growth environment (water and soil), a suitable nutrition of the animal and the prevention of diseases to increase survivability and to diminish the growth period: