The agricultural division of Interconsorcio is focused on creating biotechnical solutions for companies in the agricultural industry. Interconsorcio helps companies develop a process in which toxic chemicals and pesticides are systematically excluded in accordance with international regulations. At the same time,

Interconsorcio is able to replace a system in which chemicals and antibiotics are the means of control with a much cleaner and more efficient mechanism with the use of inmunoestimulants and probiotics. Interconsorcio is looking to promote applied high biotechnology to the agricultural industry in Latin America; researching on the latest tools, we look to support competitiveness on the region. Additionally Interconsorcio helps its clients control not only the strength of their production but also to manage appropriately the sustainable growth in their plantations and the control of their natural environment. The products of Interconsorcio allow a suitable management of a set of variables that are of high importance inside any modern farming strategy.

The products can be applied as finished protocol or independently, and they are easily adaptable to any skill of farming technique.

Interconsorcio, in its Agricultural Division, offers products developed with specific formulations for the preservation and bio-remediation of farming plantations.


BIOFAST Allows an adequate way of cultivating for different griculture methods by using soil's chemical and biological parameters.

WSR Micobic formulation used for the decomposition of organic materials during the cultivation.

AQUAYEAST Yeast for agricultural application; helps to improve the cultivation conditions and provides a better nutrition for its development.