Main Objectives

  • To maintain high quality standards in the productions and commercialization of our products to focus on the markets aquacultural, agricultural and veterinarian industries.
  • To drive continuously the research and development of new aquaculture, veterinary and agriculture products.
  • To support and to develop a qualified labor force, experienced and well remunerated, in all the areas of the Company; integrated fully to the organizational culture and focused on the fulfillment of the corporate mission and vision.


  • To consolidate our presence on the Ecuadorian market, with the constant offer of biotechnological solutions of the latest generations, at low cost and adapted to every regional aspect.
  • To increase the commercial presence in other Latin-American countries.
  • To position the use of biotechnological alternatives of natural origin for the prevention and control of diseases and to promote growth within different aquacultural species.
  • To encourage the use of yeasts and its derivatives, as probiotics and prebiotics, more effective and economic for the aquacultural industry.

Veterinary and Agriculture

  • To produce and commercialize high quality and low price products for the Ecuadorian and Latin-American veterinarian sector.
  • To increase the commercial position in the whole country.
  • To develop, produce and commercialize new products for the agricultural market.