Interconsorcio S.A. provides solutions that promote sustainable development in the region. It counts three with divisions: Division, Agricultural Division and Veterinary Division. The Aquacultural Division provides biotechnological products for the industrial production of shrimp and fish; the Agricultural Division is dedicated to the production of products for different agricultural crops and the Veterinary Division focuses in products for the poultry, porcine and bovine industry.

In our time, when production is affected by countless bacterial and viral diseases, combined with high cost inputs and low market prices, Interconsorcio S.A. offers the use of its products, whose strategy is based on three fundamental props:

  • Integral handling of the crop in order to establish a clean and balanced ecosystem for production.
  • Prevention and control of diseases by natural means: highly biodegradable and at low cost.
  • Promotion of a sustainable growth, for the reduction of cycles of production.

Our products allow the suitable treatment of a set of variables that are of high importance inside any modern strategy for crop; they can be applied as finished protocol or independently, one on one, being easily adaptable to any crop technique. The solutions that Interconsorcio offers are not exclusive but highly inclusive; they are compatible with the use of traditional products and with the organic treatment.