Control of organic waste and sludge accumulation in ponds


WSR ® is a formula based on microbes used to control the accumulation of organic waste and sludge in ponds of production and other applications. Among its benefits it includes: mud reduction up to 80 %, control on diseases caused by pathogenic bacteria, increases the mineralization of nutrients accelerating the bacterial decomposition of organic waste in the soil, reduces the levels of Nitrites, Nitrates and Nitrogen, reduces the BOD (biological demand of oxygen) and improves the quality of the water; of easy application and completely safe. It is a biological completely natural product of wide use in shrimp farms with closed systems or with difficulties for water spares.


WSR ® it’s made of aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms, scientifically selected from a natural environment and modified for an ideal performance in aquacultural applications. Its formulation has been based on a wide research on bacterial metabolism and biochemical principals. The organisms in WSR are capable of secreting high concentrations of enzymes that allow the improvement in the rate of waste digestion


Usage is estimated in accordance to the quality and grade of contamination of the water to treat. In general, its between 50 and 100 liters of activated product / Ha / week.

WSR is activated in water, with a miscellany of molasses and additives which add basic nutrients such as carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus; proteins and amino acids (Technical Department Interconsorcio S.A.).

In the activation and proliferation process it is recommended to cover the receptacles with dark plastic and to air them in moderate form. To avoid contamination by external agents, look over the sanitation of the receptacles and the infrastructure of activation. Avoid the direct sun exposure on the ferment.


Light Beige powder.


Complete 100% biodegradable.


3 months. Keep dry and contaminants free


Keep the product closed in a fresh and dry place. Avoid direct contact during a long period of time.


100 grams and 1 kilo aluminum bags.